Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22 - Observations

       Walking with Fleur-Ange is often twice as slow as walking by myself; however, walking with Fleur-Ange means that I see a lot more as she is much more aware of her environment than I am. (And I will not mention that she missed seeing her car at one point and walked right by.)

        How could one miss seeing a hippo in Vermont? Yet I did. I drove by it and walked by it without seeing it at all. Fleur-Ange spotted it easy and pointed it out as we drove by and yet when I drove the other direction I did not see it and when I walked back toward Fleur-Ange and Pauline I missed it again. Only when Fleur-Ange pointed it out as I walked by the second time did I see and get the photo.

        I also missed seeing this whirligig rooster as I walked. Fleur-Ange pointed it out and I pointed my camera.

        I did see a brown shape on a garage but ignored it. Fleur-Ange said, "Oh look at the fox!" Only when I put the camera on telephoto could I see what it was.

        I am always on the lookout for flowers but, again, it was Fleur-Ange that first spotted the Comfrey.

Quechee Gorge

        We are camped a couple of hundred metres away. 


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful photo of Quechee Gorge! -Richard

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Wonderful photos and great observations!