Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15 - Walk Day # 13

        We left the B&B at 8:15 and were walking by 9:20 on River Road, a “road less taken.” Little scraps of Rober Frost’s poems keep coming to mind as we walk through Vermont. The first, and most, of the roads we walked today were not deserted but definitely “less taken.” Familiar wild flowers continue to delight us as we walk. Many, many Flattop Asters seem to enjoy this area as well as the usual varieties of goldenrods and other asters. A gentian, probably Closed Gentian, graced one of the ditches a day or two ago while today a Tall Buttercup, Elecampane, Woodland Sunflowers, Rabbit’s-foot Clover, Touch-me-nots, Bouncing Bet, some campions, and many Chicory flowers were some of the other delights along the side of the road. My collection of creative mailbox photos continues to grow and the many vistas of the Winooski River continue to enchant the eye. Starting at 5 degrees Celsius in the morning, the temperatures rose to the low 20’s as we walked and the sun shone brightly, occasionally dropping behind scattered clouds as the day progressed. By tomorrow we should be half way finished with our 480 km trek and we are all doing well with no blisters or sore muscles. There is the odd pain in ankle or knee joints but they disappear with a bit of a rest or overnight relaxation. The rain, predicted for 16th, has not dampened any spirits.

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