Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 19 Blooms

          So, I found all of these flowers blooming on Friday, December 19 in the Burlington/Hamilton area on Royal Botanical Garden's properties.  There might have been more but the gardening staff have been busy digging up the old flower bed of summer so some of the "weeds" that I have been watching have been dug up and turned under. Sigh. Anyway all but one of the flowers are "wild" as in growing on their own without being planted or cultivated. Five of them were in old flower beds as weeds. The dandelion was growing and blooming in one of the lawns. There were lots of dandelions seedheads about the area also. The two asters and the yarrow were growing besides the Hamilton Waterfront Trail on the Princess Point side of the road. I am never sure exactly where the border of the RBG is in that area but they are close enough for me to count as basically RBG finds in any case.

        I took some enjoyment is setting up the design for the display photo above using Photoshop. I discovered a new action in Photoshop that allows one to make lines to exact angles that made the process a lot easier. It appears that there is always something new to learn in Photoshop.

        I made up the angles first so that there could be 9 equal parts of the large circle, then figured out by experimenting what size the circles needed to be to fit into the parts. After making and placing all the smaller circles I put the larger one into the centre and then just cut and pasted from the flower photos into the template before erasing the template. It kept me off the streets and out of the yard for a couple of hours and was a good way to "rest" as my cold virus does not want me out right now anyway.