Friday, December 21, 2012

First Rose of Winter

Instead of the last rose of summer. . .

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Morning

All of the X-mas projects are finished and I've time to do other activities. Already cleaned the goat's stall, fixed the light in the chicken coop, moved some furniture, cleaned a bit of my desk top, and planned lunch so it's time for a few minutes in front of our fire in the fireplace.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Puddles !!!

It may not seem like a big deal but I don't remember seeing puddles in the driveway for months.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Saturday "Long Run"

11 kilometres in fog, drizzle, mist, and light rain at 4 degrees. (6.8 miles at 39 degrees F for y'all down south.) As usual the hardest part was getting out of the house and car to start the run. The second hardest part was getting back into the car, soaking wet, and driving to the gym to shower. The actual run was actually fairly comfortable after the first 10 minutes of warming up a bit. I enjoyed the rain hitting my face and cooling me down from the run. I did a trail run right next to the river on a rail trail so it was fairly level. Down river for the first 5.5 km and then back up river for the last 5.5 km. Long ago a friend told me that one should be able to run a 10 race easily in the number of minutes that corresponded to the number of years in ones age. That being said, I was pleased that my "long slow run" ended up with a 10 km time that equalled my age years. Guess I was running too fast.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Wild Flowers

This Charlock was one of 24 wild flowers that I found in bloom today. This is after several hard frosts and two snow storms here in southern Ontario.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Notes re Problems with Feet

Well, it appears that Facebook is the way to go for lots of feedback although I did get some feedback here on the blog and because of the blog on my e-mail. For those that are interested here is some of the feedback I got:

Liz Macdonald-Cameron Dean, I use pure vitamin E on my heels and it works great.

Sara Crowe I used to get this in winter from constantly getting wet feet when walking the dog. E45 cream worked best for me - slather it on generously and often!

Marie Waldron two ideas for your feet
1. Vaseline your feet put them in a loose plastic bag then put your socks on and go to bed
2. Moroccan oil
I use it in my hair and it has given me very soft hands despite the hand washing and sanitizing I do at work

Jenny Vanderlip Kenwell Bag Balm from T.S.C. for your feet.

Arlene Laskey Dean, 2 of my children had this sort of problem with their feet. A dermatologist diagnosed eczema. He warned against synthetic fibres for socks...only, wool or cotton... and against rubber soles and synthetics in shoes. Emu oil has been suggested as a treatment for the skin but my kids had a cortisone cream. My daughter believes in the power of Epsom salts baths for the skin as well, followed by complete drying.

Danielle Gugler … try immersing feet in warm water and honey for 15 minutes. Honey works wonders for treating cracked feet.

Heron Driftwood Mom's remedy of Vaseline petroleum jelly on just washed (and dried) feet, then fresh clean cotton socks every night for about a week

Pam Shack My physical therapist daughter recommends the same as Heron Driftwood - but using udder cream instead of Vaseline.

lynda joiner  I saw your plea this morning and during a pedicure after work today read your symptoms to Lori. She immediately responded with a product that hopefully will help you. She carries this and recommends this product - Gehwol - Salve for cracked skin.

Ardis Gugler  look for a moisturizing lotion that contains at least 6% dimethicone.

If I remember all the locations correctly there were response from 2 provinces, 2 U.S. States and from Wales. Nice to be popular and to know that there are people that care. Now all I have to do is to decide which to try first. As I come from a farming background, way back, I am leaning toward the TSC (Tractor Service Centre) Bag Balm as I remember using meds, or rather having meds used on me, that were for the cows on all kinds of cuts and scratches when I was a child including one that as I look back realize was really blood poisoning. You know when red streaks start going up your leg from the scratch that came from rusty barbed wire. As I remember it was a stop gap thing until someone had time to drive me to town to the doctor but since it got better I never did go and it saved lots of money . . .

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Help Needed

I just put the following note on my Facebook page but thought I should repeat it here just in case . . .

Advice needed: 
Every year, around December, the bottoms of my feet dry and start to crack open making them very painful. The heel area is the worst. I have tried various naturopathic, homeopathic, and drugstore solutions. All of them have failed. 
I am open to new ideas. 

Oh, while I am in the begging mood, for the last few year I have also caught a cold in December which leaves a dry cough that lasts until late spring. Again, various solutions from various sources have not worked so if you have any ideas for me to try I would be grateful

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Where Does the Time Go . . . again

Well part of the time went into a new book for children. Have a look at this while I go out to take care of our animals . . .

(Oh, by the way, if your child is named in the first few pages, don't buy the book. It's a present and will be delivered in due time.)