Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Late, Late, Often Late

        If nothing else, I am fairly consistently late with doing activities. I hate being late but that does not stop me putting off events until the last minute and then forgetting too. Sigh!

        My current "late" project is sending out postcards before April 30. Yes, it is May 16 today.
 Anyway, I had planned and still plan, to send out photos of a whirligig that I made  in 2017. It was shown at the You-Me Gallery in Hamilton Ontario and was one of several that were written up in the Hamilton Spectator newspaper and one of few that actually sold from the gallery. It is a "traditional" whirligig that shows a wooden figure chopping wood. Since that is one of my favourite winter activities, I thought it was appropriate. It was adapted from a plan that I found on the internet but adapted enough that I still call it my own.

        Following is a video that I took of it. I am putting the blog site address on my postcard so I should have some extra visitors to this page of the blog sometime in the, hopefully, near future.