Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cold & Response to a Question

        The record for cold temperatures on this day in our part of the country was - 21.2. My thermometer is not "official," but I think the cold is.

         Yesterday I took a photo of one of the road that I was on while coming back from the organic farm where I volunteer on Tuesdays. This is how I remember roads being in winters during the rather distant past. For the last few years, 8 or 10, I don't remember any snowbanks this high along the roads.

         On February 9th I caught a special sunset solar pillar that I put up on Facebook but did not get around to putting up here. I think it needs to be here too as it was a special event. I have not seen these pillars very often in my life and don't remember any photos quite like this one that I have ever captured.

        Finally, in response to Pablo and anyone else who may have forgotten, we have a labyrinth path that I cut into the meadow east of our house. It was the one path that I did not walk the other day with my snowshoes. I don't have any winter photos from above but this is the current Google view from above taken during the summer last year. The distance covered by walking from the outside to the inside and back out again is about 1.25 kilometres.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

More Snow

         This is the most wintery winter we have had in years. I need to get out and do the driveway again even though I have already shovelled it more times this winter than the past 8 or 9 I think.  

         Meanwhile, instead of risking my life on the roads to go to the gym this morning, I got out my snowshoes and walked all of  our trails. Well, all except the labyrinth. I started at the house and made my way along the trails until I came to a point where I could no long go without retracing my steps. I missed a couple of little connecting trails but did all the rest. It's the first time that I have walked all the trails with snowshoes in one go. It was 2.86 k.