Wednesday, February 05, 2014

More Snow

         This is the most wintery winter we have had in years. I need to get out and do the driveway again even though I have already shovelled it more times this winter than the past 8 or 9 I think.  

         Meanwhile, instead of risking my life on the roads to go to the gym this morning, I got out my snowshoes and walked all of  our trails. Well, all except the labyrinth. I started at the house and made my way along the trails until I came to a point where I could no long go without retracing my steps. I missed a couple of little connecting trails but did all the rest. It's the first time that I have walked all the trails with snowshoes in one go. It was 2.86 k.


Pablo said...

The labyrinth?

robin andrea said...

It definitely has been one crazy winter there. Makes me wonder if there's been record-breaking snowfall. Sure seems like. Our winter rains have finally started. We're in for a couple of days of downpour.