Sunday, January 08, 2017

Fresh Snow

            We got about 10 cm of fresh snow last night to make the world look white and clean again!

Saturday, January 07, 2017

First Post of 2017

            Every day I think, "I am going to write on my blog." At the end of the day, I am tired and on my way to bed and I remember that, again, I did not write on my blog. So it goes.

            OK, a few thought on the first days of 2017:

            I saw 5 White-tailed deer on January 1, three on the 2nd, and our neighbour saw 8 hanging around our cars on the 5th day. 

            I have worked on my French lessons 5 days out of 7 so far but hope to do better sometime soon.

            We have run out of water for the 5th time since the end of September. Our well was only dug down 55 feet and that appears to not be deep enough for dry years. That being said, we have never had to buy water to dump into the well so many time in a row before.

            I did my usual Friday Flower Walk yesterday. I think I saw over 50 flowers but they were all of one species:

Common Groundsel
Séneçon vulgaire
(Senecio vulgaris)
The name "Groundsel" comes from an Anglo-Saxon term that means "ground-swallower." Given that it is one of a very few plants that can bloom and go to seed at temperatures below 0 degrees Celcius and that it can produce many, many seeds the name seems appropriate!

            We have had some beautiful sunrises during the last few days. Here is one of them: