Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Help Needed

I just put the following note on my Facebook page but thought I should repeat it here just in case . . .

Advice needed: 
Every year, around December, the bottoms of my feet dry and start to crack open making them very painful. The heel area is the worst. I have tried various naturopathic, homeopathic, and drugstore solutions. All of them have failed. 
I am open to new ideas. 

Oh, while I am in the begging mood, for the last few year I have also caught a cold in December which leaves a dry cough that lasts until late spring. Again, various solutions from various sources have not worked so if you have any ideas for me to try I would be grateful


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, only with my hands, on my fingers at the corners of the fingernail part. And I am sorry to say I have found no solutions. I use liquid bandage but it does not always help. It is painful, as you say. I'll check back to see if anyone else has ideas.

Susannah Anderson said...

I always had that problem, especially on my feet, which used to bleed all winter.

In diabetic training, someone recommended any cream that contains urea. It worked! And in short order, too.

At present. I am using a cream that contains 10% urea, because I became lax at using the less concentrated creams, which I used to apply twice a day. The 10% allows me to use it only when dry skin reminds me.

I haven't had a bleeding heel since I started with these creams, over 10 years ago.