Wednesday, September 03, 2014

First B&B

       We have had various luck with Airbnb over the years. This choice is one of the best. As a starting point for our long walk we are 40 k from the actual start point and will be staying here for 4 nights.  It is right on the path that I chose at the end of day 2. The location, therefore, is excellent; no extra driving needed. It is a three bedroom apartment with full kitchen, living room, and bathroom on the second floor of a house. Full kitchen? We have a sink, stove, fridge, microwave, and lots of counter space with a coffee maker, toaster, and electric water kettle. Breakfast is not served but with all the equipment we have it will be easy to make our own as the place is completely private so I am up typing away at 5:50 in the kitchen without needing to worry about bothering anyone.  (Now where did I put my tea anyway?)

        We plan to start late with the walk so we can miss the Montreal rush hour. More about the walk and transportation later and maybe a few photos too after the sun comes up.

        One note about a little misadventure: I had been saving eggs for the last two weeks to take along as I read that unwashed farm eggs last for weeks without refrigeration. I had nearly 4 dozen in waiting and it was only when we were more than an hour down the road that I remember that they were still waiting in our kitchen at home. I forgot them as well as some other food that was waiting in the fridge. I did not make a food list and in the rush of getting out of the house totally forgot. Sigh! I hope that our house keepers like lots of egg dishes.

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