Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21 - On the Road Again

        We are walking roads again. We moved back to the Vermont side as the roads are less busy than New Hampshire. I found the place right across the river from where we left off before the day off and we went south from there. It was a long and hot day and the best part was coming to the end of the walk today with temperatures climbing to 26 C feeling like 29. Quite a change from the single digits of our last walk day.

        I enjoyed looking at the various farm animals as we walked along. We did have two dogs that ran out on the road to greet us again today but both were very friendly and we managed to get them to the side of the road before any cars came It is a worry as they were so friendly and just wanted to say hello but the results can be so horrible.

        One little village/town that we went through had many beautiful buildings and, what appeared to be a working dam with a generator or something whirring in the background noise. It was Bradford, VT. There were other interesting antiques, including two cars that appeared to be London, England cabs. At some point I want to collect a lot more photos to put into a travel book but right now there is not time to share everything.

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