Saturday, September 06, 2014

Saturday, September 6 - Day 4 of the Long Walk

        We were back on my prepared route today. It was one of the easier days in that we walked in a straight line for most of the day. Just to add a little challenge, the forecast was for rain. Don't you hate the days when the forecasts is correct?

        We had to pack up from our B&B this morning as we were to move on to a new location. We hated to leave the B&B as it had been so wonderful but the walk continues. Even with waiting for packing until this morning, we were still ready to walk by 9:15. Although the forecast was for rain, it was barely misting as we started. Our first stop was just down the road from where we finished yesterday at a building that looked like it came from my childhood. 

        As we went down the road, we found that we were not alone. There were two interesting characters within the first few km.

        I was glad to have been able to see them as I was doing the car shuttle again and only going a couple of km before returning to the van to move it forward.

        As the day progressed, the mist became heavier and at last turned to rain. It only rained hard for about 15 minutes but it is possible to get very wet in 15 minutes. Our motel room is full of damp clothing this evening and the motel is quite a comedown from our B&B. It is costing us a lot of money in comparison and, although looking clean, it has a stale smoke smell. The motel owner said it was a non-smoking room but then we wonder why it is full of ashtrays. Sigh!

        Tomorrow we camp in Vermont. I am sure the smoke there will be of a better variety!

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