Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snowy Friday

We woke up to snow.

And it snowed, off and on, all day.

But there is still not much on the ground. I will have to go north to cross-country ski on Saturday.


Endment said...

Hope you had a great time on your cross-country ski today.

Keep warm

clairesgarden said...

it looks chilly! I'm inside now hiding from the freezing rain, I think if it snowed I would just go back to bed!

Rachel said...

Looks pretty. We got a little and it's still snowing but it's melting fast. Unless it turns much colder it'll be gone as fast as it falls. Have fun skiing!

robin andrea said...

You're having snow, and we're having our first taste of spring. It was 70 degrees yesterday. Our house warmed up to 77 degrees without heat! It was toasty. Hope you had a great day of skiing. Looking forward to the photos.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo you've captured, Dean, of my favourite pine on the property!

Ontario Wanderer said...

E, Yes, the skiing was wonderful. I managed to ski about 26 km.

C, Snow is a lot more fun than freezing rain. Go out and enjoy!

R, Melting snow is not much fun but still it's great to see it falling.

RD, 77°F is more like hot to me than toasty warm. I hope it will be months before we get that warm.

E, Did I know that was your favourite Pine? It's probably the largest Pine on the property too.

Jim said...


I sure wish we had some of that lovely white stuff here!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Jim, We seen a lot less than usual here this year too.