Thursday, February 09, 2006

Frost & Cobwebs + Sun

Our sunset, yesterday, was wonderful. I was about two minutes too late for the best but I thought this was still worth posting.

Our sunrise this morning was interesting with the small slit of bright colour between horizon and cloud, behind trees, and a bit of colour above.

This bit of frost gathering around a grass stem that was poking through some ice caught my attention as I headed for the barn this morning.

Inside the barn, Églantine created an interesting photo of cobwebs from above the dog's night quarters.


clairesgarden said...

wow again! can I be nosey and ask you what kind of camera you're using?

robin andrea said...

Looks like you're having beautiful days with plenty of light. The cobweb shot is great. Wonder what kind of spider lives there. It would be cool to see the one that built that web.

Ontario Wanderer said...

C, We have three FinePix cameras on the go at present. It became apparent, after a year of sharing the better one, that we really need two "better" ones and the old one is old and we could not get a trade in so we kept it for ski trips and rainy days. The one I am using most of the time is a FinePix S9000 chosen for its supermacro. It can take photos of 9 MegaPixels but I usually take them at 5 or less to use up less space on the camera and computer.

RD, I've no idea what kind of spider lives there or when it made the web. I know it was after our October art show as we cleaned up the cobwebs before the show.