Thursday, February 23, 2006

Frost and Ice

Yesterday morning I found the frost on the Queen Anne's Lace attractive.

This morning the patterns in the ice on our pond looked a bit like trees and a bit like a watershed view.


clairesgarden said...

fascinating photgraphs, I love Eglantine's sunset, so warm yet I know it must have been chilly out because of all your ice photographs, great sculptures too.

Lené Gary said...

That Queen Anne's Lace shot is really nice, OW. :)

robin andrea said...

Lovely, as usual, OW. We're having a morning of frost here as well. It's so pretty I don't mind, but the early blooming iris and crocus are bent low.

Ontario Wanderer said...

C, Glad you liked the photos. The sunset was warm, about +4°C, but the temperatures have dropped again.

L, Thanks! I've changed your web site address on this blog. What a jerk that "harry" is!!!!!

RD, Saw your iris. It looks a bit unhappy. Glad you liked my posting.

Jim said...

Nice photos OW-

There's something sublime in the infinitely variable designs of ice.

Anonymous said...

Neat "watershed"!!