Friday, February 03, 2006

Fungus & Flowers

It's still warm out today. Below is a photo of some mushrooms that Calla and I found on our lunch hour walk.

A bit further along the trail, we found this fungus growing on a tree branch.

Below is a photo of Ruby Glow Witch Hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia). It was one of the flowers that I found blooming yesterday in the Woodland Garden section of Hamilton's Royal Botanical Gardens.


Norene Griffin said...

gorgeous and weird. (my favorite combination.)

Jim said...

Wow OW!

I've never seen witch hazel flowers before, those are something!

And the fungus too...

Ontario Wanderer said...

N, Glad you liked it!

J, Our native Witch Hazel is of the same shape but yellow. This one is an import from Europe that is doing quite well but not reproducing.

The fungus photo is a macro photo so you might not see or recognize it if you saw it in the field.

clairesgarden said...

followed your link from Norenes site
love the fungus photo, I went on a walk with a permaculture instructor recently, then we all spent half the day on our hands and knees looking for fungus and lichen and moss, full of enthusiam I returned to work the next day and told them all about it. . . .
we get yellow witch hazle too, I'll look out for the red