Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Frosty February 8

The wind has calmed down this morning so our -6 temperature was quite pleasant. It helped that the sun came out too.

From inside the barn I found this tree-like frost image to be quite beautiful.

On the outside of the barn, there were lots of icicles. I turned this one on its side as the shape reminded me of two individuals getting ready to descend a bobsled run. Perhaps I have winter olympics on the brain?

I almost forgot to mention that I just updated my Wild Flower web site. There were eight (8) flowers found last week in our area.


Rachel said...

Most unusual pictures! So pretty. I will check out the flowers next! Thanks!

Lené Gary said...

Your frost picture is beautiful, OW. How did you take it without melting it?

clairesgarden said...

amazing pattern of frost, lovely pictures!

Endment said...

Great pictures! I especially enjoy the frost picture.

robin andrea said...

Wonderful photography. The frost picture is quite beautiful.

Ontario Wanderer said...

R, Thank you!
L, The frost was on the north window of an unheated barn so the frost stayed all day. Melting was not a problem.
C, Both Églantine and I enjoy looking at frost and ice for photo ideas.
E, Thanks!
RD, The frost did seem popular today. Glad you liked it! (When one does not have eagles, one must do with frost.)

Rurality said...

Looks just like the bobsled! :) Love it.

T. Beth said...

Your lovely frost photos almost make me wish that we had your cold winter weather. I'm fascinated by the varied crystalline growth patterns of frozen water.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Rurality, Thanks!

T.Beth, As you can see, we are enjoying the frost,ice,snow crystals a lot. Meanwhile, I am enjoying your bird, insect and flower photos from the southwest and even more so as I don't have to put up with your hot weather.