Saturday, December 03, 2005

Water, Water

Here is yesteday's photo of our east pond. As you can see, it is small and iced. Last year the pond was dry for the first half of the winter. This December it is at spring levels with water over the base of some of the willows.

Here is today's photo of the Hamilton Harbour with the city, escarpment and setting sun in the background. The harbour is deep and unfrozen for now. It often freezes during the winter and ice boats may be seen skating across it. The city of Hamilton is built both below and on the Niagara escarpment beyond the harbour. The escarpment runs from Niagara to Tobermory and ranges between 60 to 120 m (200 to 400 feet) in height. In Hamilton the escarpment is about 100 m (300 ft.) high. It looks more like a cloud bank in this photo. The Hamilton harbour is a port for both the Great Lakes and ocean ships that come up the St.Lawrence River from the Atlantic.


Anonymous said...

East pond? Are there more?

Found a hummingbird nest, albeit well after it's use. But at least I will know to look that direction in the spring.

Ontario Wanderer said...

KR, Yes, we have a west pond also. The east pond is surrounded by willows that suck up the water and leave the pond dry by early summer. The west pond has only one willow so keeps some water all summer. For some reason right now, the east pond is overflowing and the west pond is still very low. I don't know what is happening or why.

Anonymous said...

Sh.h.h.h. . . . Don't let pablo know. He's liable to offer aid, and there's no telling where his advice could lead. As for strange, my previous comment was at 3 AM while adding wood to the stove, am not sure how it became 6 hours earlier by Blogger. Maybe someday I really will have to learn more about this blogging business. Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed. Public comment is scheduled for 12-12 re: closing the road you grew up on. As awful as that sounds, it's much, much better than the plans drawn up to replace the bridge. That plan "straightens" out the road by moving the creek basically into the driveway. New, projected channel at 1/2 the size of current pretty much tells you where the force of flood waters will want to eat. Design brought to you by a guy who grew up in a desert somewhere.

Crowe said...

Looks like it's bitterly cold now in your part of the world. Mostly relentless rain here :-( but sunshine and fog today, which was much better than the rain.

robin andrea said...

It's starting to look really cold there, OW. I keep walking around here and finding flowers and little signs of bright color. There are such interesting muted colors on the icy pond. It's a starkness that really says winter.

Ontario Wanderer said...

KR, Now how would you know where I grew up? Has the internet reached there at last. I had suspicions but was not sure. Beware of desert engineers!

SGJ, Not bitterly cold by the thermometer but winds off the harbour tend to hit the face harder than the thermometer.

RD, It's cool around the edges but look at the Dec. 4 blog for some flower colour. Églantine and I found 7 wild flowers in bloom since last Tuesday and 6 of them were yesterday and today. Just for the record, I now have 107 wild flowers on my December list that I have found in bloom at some time during the last 7 years. I don't expect too many this year but if the temperatures go up some flowers will come back.