Saturday, December 17, 2005

New Snow

We had some new snow yesterday and it appeared that there was enough to get out my snowshoes and start packing down the trail around Églantine's property in preparation for skiing.

Here's our dog, Calla, wondering what I am doing with the camera almost down in the snow.

We went from 9 Mourning Doves and a Junco under the bird feeder to 15 Mourning doves later in the day. This was the best photo of the 9 + 1.


robin andrea said...

It's so good to see fresh snow there. We've been cold and dry here. 20 degrees this morning and not a cloud in the sky.

Nice photos-- love the junco and doves.

Rachel said...

Looks very cold but pretty! I love the doves. I have several that come here daily and visit the feeders and our yard.

Anonymous said...

Brrr. Here and there!