Wednesday, December 21, 2005

DILO Part 2

We did not have a good winter solstice sunrise. I took a photo on the 19th that showed the sun position. If I don't get a good one tomorrow, I guess I shall use that one for the winter solstice position. I have photos of summer solstice and fall equinox to add to the winter solstice to make a collage of sun positions.

Calla, our dog, was patiently waiting for us to take her out on her morning walk. She usually gets only two walks a day during the winter compared to three or sometimes four during the longer summer daylight hours.

This is the beginning of our regular morning trail walk.

Both Églantine and I took frost photos. Églantine put her photo up on Flickr and already has had 20 people look at her photo. Mine will maybe get on Flickr tomorrow if I get this blog finished by then. She is much better at getting photos up and looked at.

Time to move out for supper. To be continued tomorrow....


Rachel said...

Very cold there! We got down into the low teens for the past couple of nights and that was mighty chilly for me.

Calla is very pretty!

Ontario Wanderer said...

R, 19.4 F is the same as - 7 C so maybe we are not as cold as you think.

Yes, we think Calla is a very pretty dog too!