Friday, December 30, 2005

OW in the City?

It's seldom that I venture into Toronto but it does happen.

In the photo above we are just getting into the edge of Toronto on one of the quietest days of the year. Usually this is three lanes of cars going into Toronto almost bumper to bumper going way too fast. Today it was very quiet. That's one of the reasons we went today. (On the north side of the city the roads are even worse. At times there are nine (9) lanes going each way full of traffic.)

Today we went into the city to see "Masterpieces from the State Hermitage Museum" from St. Petersberg, Russia at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was cheaper than flying to Russia. I must admit I was disappoionted as much of it was from Catherine the Great's older collection instead of the "modern" collection. I think there are works in the Hermatage from the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists era that are quite wonderful and not in any of our books for various political reasons. Perhaps I shall still have to fly to Russia.


robin andrea said...

It is hard to imagine you in the city, but for a good art show--you do have to go. I hope you saw something to have made the trip worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Torontons say "Thank goodness it's Monday!" because they are too uptight about having free time on the weekends?

Rachel said...

Oh my, 9 lanes of traffic?? I'm afraid my nerves couldn't handle it!

Anonymous said...

I had been meaning to get to this show but for seasonal obligations just couldn't - so I'm quite glad that you weren't gushing about it!