Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Now & Then # 6

It was another cold sunrise. Fortunately there was almost no wind.


1981 Churchill River Trip cont.

Having had our restful night on the rocks, we started out our day with some rapids. They don't look too bad from the shore, do they?

When one is out in them and it's a cloudy, damp day and the river wants to steal your canoe out from under your knees, it feels a bit different. We spent a fair bit of time lining the canoes through the worst of the rapids.

Little did we know that the rapids of day 5 would make our rapids of today look tame. Meanwhile, blissfully unaware, we did find a bright spot on this fourth day when the sun shone through during lunch break.

(To be continued....)


robin andrea said...

Beautiful sunrise there. Our temps have warmed back up to the 40s. No snow or ice left anywhere.

Your trip is unfolding so nicely. Great picnic spot. So far, so good!

Rachel said...

Pretty river and the rapids...yeah, they don't look too bad...but canoes are pretty small too. I imagine that kept everyone nicely focused! Great story....I'll be checking back for..the rest of the story....