Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Winter Flowers and Insects

Églantine and I found the last flower of December and the first flower of January growing in a crack of the sidewalk next door to our place. The plant has been there since late summer but stopped blooming in November, I thought. Anyway, when Églantine and I went next door to deliver a present to our neighbour we found the plant again in bloom on December 30th. It is still blooming today although it's not showing itself in a wide open manner. Mind you, the temperature is just above freezing so I'm not too open outside either.

Also on December 30th we had about 5 minutes of sunshine. I just happened to be outside at the time and found this Praying Mantis egg case on a grass stem.

Note to KR - It's +2 C (35.6 F) with rain, fog, and cloud again. We saw the sun for most of the day on Dec. 19 and about 10 minutes since then.


Anonymous said...

First 3 days of 2006: 61F, 48F, 60F. Not a good thing. I do not share your longing for snow, but even I see this current trend as a bad sign.

Ontario Wanderer said...

KR, 14 day forecast looks much the same here. Sigh!