Tuesday, January 24, 2006

January 23 - A Darker Day

We had a bit of sun and a lot of cloud today. The light colours of the seed "keys" of an Ashleaf Maple (aka Box-elder, Manatoba Maple, Acer negundo) caught my eye this morning.

On the way out to walk our dog, Calla, I spotted a dog shape in the ice of a puddle.

During the afternoon walk, Calla grabbed this Common Shrew and killed it before I knew what she was doing.

Because I was reading the chapter on "Berries Preserved" in Bernd Heinrich's Winter World for the Whorled Leaves blog, I was looking to see what berries were left on the property. The only shrub with lots of berries left was the Highbush Cranberry Viburnum trilobum. If you have ever tasted one, you will know why they are still on the shrub.


Rachel said...

Nice pictures, except for the poor dead shrew.

Those berries are so bright and red!

KaliPamp said...

mmmmmm.... love berries

threecollie said...

Fantastic pictures again. I love dropping by just for the refreshing pleasure of looking at them.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Ra, I was not sure about posting the shrew but it's the first photo I've ever had of a shrew, dead or alive. Yes the berries are bright.

Ri, Have you ever tried eating Highbush Cranberries?

3C, Glad it gives you pleasure. I enjoy looking about for photo possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Every year I watch the birds (cedar waxwings, robins, rose-breasted grosbeaks, etc.) devour the honeysuckle berries. So every year I try one. I can't believe that highbush cranberries could be worse.

Ontario Wanderer said...

P, I've not tried the honeysuckle berries. I let you know next fall what I think of the comparison.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the taste of High Bush cranberries. And the smell of them in the fall after a frost just says "Fall" to me. Now I'm longing for fall in my home town.