Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Colour Filled Day

I started the day with a view of Jupiter. At the time I photographed it, I did not realize what it was. I had to look it up later. Tomorrow, if it's clear, I'll try to see the moons of Jupiter but I have my doubts about getting a photograph.

The dawn came with great colours this morning.

During our afternoon walk, we walked through our west ravine and I photographed a Hairy Woodpecker.

Next I had a look at the cattails. I stood in the middle of the shallow icy stream to get this view.

Meanwhile, Églantine took this great photo of moss growing over some shelf fungi that were growing on a tree.


threecollie said...

Amazing photos! Especially the one of Jupiter. I had no idea it was so bright.

robin andrea said...

Great series of photographs. Love that jupiter shot. Wow. The sunrise is fantastic too. We've been having great sunsets. How many photographs do you shoot for one sunrise shot? I can never choose just one photo. The changing colors just pull me for one more. Love those hairy woodpeckers, too!

Crowe said...

Great photos. I especially love that woodpecker shot!

Lené Gary said...

The cattails look so dry, and the light looks so bright, it hardly feels like winter in your shot.

Anonymous said...

Great set of photos from the day. They are all wonderful, but I really like the woodpecker photo.

Ontario Wanderer said...

3C, Glad you like the photo. I had a look through my bird spotting telescope on January 24 and saw that Jupiter actually has a crescent look to it right now. I could not see Jupiter's moons as it was too light already and I could not get a photo.

RD, I usually take 2 to 12 photos and then try to choose the best to post. (It depends upon what breakfast I am cooking and if I have time to get away from the stove. I seem to be the breakfast cook about 5 or 6 days out of 7.)

SGJ & M, Thanks! I was lucky with the woodpecker as I had my camera out for the cattail shot and the woodpecker just flew over my head and landed in a nearby tree.

L, It hardly felt like winter from behind the camera either. Sigh! Last year we were walking the dog with our snowshoes on our feet.