Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Weather Woes

The weather continues to cause problems. Temperatures were below freezing yesterday morning and it was snowing a bit. Temperatures went up and we had an hour or so of freezing rain and icy roads. Temperatures went up more during the night and we had rain and wet, icy roads and accidents. (We drove slowly and carefully and stayed on the road.)

Today temperatures went the other direction. We started above freezing and the temperatures slowly dropped during the day. The rain turned to snow and started to freeze again.

Long range forecast: More yo-yo temperatures. Sigh! Will the raspberries canes have ice or snow or rain or be dry?


Rachel said...

Strange weather this winter for sure!

boojo said...

love your site. the photos are beautiful. thanks for this.

Ontario Wanderer said...

R, Many blogs are full of news of warm weather.

A, Thank you!