Thursday, January 26, 2006

Chilly Again

It was a crisp, cold morning again this morning even though the forecast is for above normal temperatures again tomorrow. I have just about given up on winter.

Do you see Jupiter in the sky behind the tree branches? (It's right above the "r" in January.) It's a photo of sunrise, Jupiter-rise, and moonrise.

Calla is ready to walk anytime that I am. I've not been able to use my snowshoes since the middle of December.

Here is a winter bud of a Red Pine growing along one of our trails. The sun was catching it just right I think.


Walter Jeffries said...

Great dog and snowshoe picture!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. I've about had it with winter as well, though we don't have snow here. Just rain without an end in sight. Actually, the sun is out this morning.

Rurality said...

Calla seems to be saying, "What are you waiting for?!" :)

Ontario Wanderer said...

WJ, Thank you!

M, Today, Jan. 29, we have had rain all day. I really would rather have snow at this time of year.

R, She is always ready for more walks. If she gets off the lead the deer, turkeys, etc. are on the run for hours as Calla bounds around the property and occasionally across the road. I do wish she would learn to stay on property and come back when called. Meanwhile it's on a chain or leash for her if she is out of the house or barn.