Monday, January 09, 2006

Catching up a bit

Busy here as usual. We had snow on Saturday. The runners group that I belong to thinks there is a plot by the weatherpeople as we had fairly warm weather all week and then on the day of our long run we had fresh, skippery, slushy snow. A 16 km (10 mile) run is enough work for me without slipping and sliding.

Yesterday, Églantine and I went out with our cross-country ski club to ski. It was too warm for my liking but we enjoyed the views of fresh sticky snow on the trees and the sun was out for half the day which made it all even better.

This morning, Monday, the temperature was above freezing again and the snow was starting to melt. When we went out to do our dog walk with Calla this morning, all the trails on the property were full of tracks. Here was the best track photo of the day by Églantine. It's a single close-up shot of a wild turkey track. The tracks were very far apart and soon disappeared so I think that perhaps a fox was giving chase as there were fox tracks in the area going the same direction.

In addition to turkey and fox tracks, we saw deer, squirrel, rabbit, and coyote tracks that we could identify and tracks of two small animals, mice or voles, and other bird tracks in the snow as well as our dog and cats and ourselves. Perhaps I will have time to make a track collage later this week.


Karen said...

Your day sounds absolutely wonderful! Although, I am not sure about running in slushy snow. The sights while you were out running had to be absolutely beautiful. You sure did see lots of great things while out with your ski club! For some reason, I have never been able to go really long distances while cross-country skiing.

Are you training for anything right now? I thought maybe you might since you said you were going on a long run!

I will check back to hear and see your adventures!

Ontario Wanderer said...

K, I have tried, several times, to do some long distance on cross-country skis but I think my longest tour was only 60 km. Several times I have tried the Canadian Ski Marathon (160 km in two days) but there the best I've done is about 100 km.

Yes, I am training for a half-marathon in March. I don't go for speed but for finishing on my feet. I would like to do another marathon in the fall but it will depend upon how hot the summer is as I do not do well in hot conditions.

Glad to have you stop by to read and comment.

Rachel said...

The snow is lovely and I love seeing the track pictures!

robin andrea said...

Glad to see you had more snow. It does make for the very best tracking. I would love to see a track collage, if you are up for doing one.

Walter Jeffries said...

Wow, that is a nice clean track in the snow. Great detail of the pad of the foot. I love photographing tracks. We use them as pop-quizzes with our kids. Part of our homeschooling is knowing their environment.