Sunday, January 15, 2006

Saturday January 14

I'm a bit late with this post because due to a wrong turn, or two, our section of the running group added a bit to our Saturday long run. We ended up running/walking/running for 21.5 km instead of the 18 on the schedule. It was the longest run for one of our group and the longest I had done since last summer. For some reason I was a bit tired after the run. When Églantine and I did our afternoon walk with Calla I did not have the energy to take photos. Fortunately, Églantine had lots of energy yet as she had not participated in the run. She got some excellent photos during our walk.

Here are more new fungi growing on small tree branches.

Strawberry plants stay green all winter but this plant is starting to put up new growth. I think it will be in for a shock as temperatures are down to -7 this morning (Sunday).

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