Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another Warm Winter Day

It's too early for a January thaw because to thaw it first has to freeze. The temperature was up to + 10 yesterday and only went down to + 4 last night. This is very strange January weather!

On the other hand, it was nice to see the sun this morning!

Here is Églantine's photo of a racoon's track on "ice." As you can see, the ice is not very solid. I am surprised that the racoon did not fall through.

And below is a bud from a Sweet Virburnum (aka Nannyberry or Viburnum lentago). It is already thinking spring and starting to loose it's outer winter cover. I am hoping it's a bad idea and that we really do have winter yet.


Anonymous said...

Strange weather all over OW. My parents in Manitoba are also experiencing a warm winter. We got off to a warm start but now we are where we should be this time of year. In the minus thirties.

robin andrea said...

I just read the other day that the arctic ice is melting even faster than had been previously detected. It looks like a global change in the weather patterns might be happening. We're getting more rain than usual, but the weather report hinted at a possible clearing trend after the weekend. I did notice bulbs already pushing up their early green shoots in our yard. Our rain has been coming out of the south, on the "pineapple express" with slightly warmer temps.

Rachel said...

It's been really mild here too.
Love the raccoon track! great pictures!

Ontario Wanderer said...

C, I'd like some colder weather but - 30 is a bit much. Is it at least dry and calm? That would make it not so bad.

RD, We are supposed to drop to - 5 C tonight but it's too late to do much for skiing this weekend. I've not look for bulb growth but I would not be surprised. Wyrd put up a photo of a blooming Snowdrop in Wales.

R, More track to come soon.