Friday, January 06, 2006

Sun at Last

At last we have sunshine. This is the first day of 2006 that we've had sunshine in the morning. Other days we've had a few seconds of the sun almost showing through the clouds on maybe two occasions.

Catching the light of the sun, here are a few snow crystals that landed on newly frozen ice.

Ice on Ice


Anonymous said...

So far the weather here in Kansas City has been unseasonably warm. Nearly 70F forecasted for today, and in the high 50sF tomorrow. I plan to visit Roundrock tomorrow where it will be a couple of degrees warmer (since it is even farther south). Warm winters here are great, but they generally ensure a heavier tick and chigger population in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Always nice to see the sun after a hiatus. I was just thinking before I visited that it is now less than a month before our sun returns. Already more and more twilight is returning to edge of the sky.

robin andrea said...

I'm so glad that you have some sun. It does so much for the scenery and psyche. We've been having a lot of grey days lately, so this morning's sunrise had me out of bed and in the field with the camera. A little bit of light goes a long, long way.

swamp4me said...

You people are tough! That many days without sun would just about do me in. That many cold days without sun would definitely do me in!

Karen said...

I am not sure I could do with that many days and no sunlight! I think we get spiled down here in Houston. Just today, it was 80 degrees. We went to have sushi tonight and some people were actually sitting on the patio!! I love your pictures and sunflower!

Ontario Wanderer said...

P, The warmer weather seems to be adding to our tick population too. The Lyme disease, brought by ticks, has arrived in southern Ontario and I found a few ticks on my body for the first time ever in Ontario last summer.

C, Am I wrong in thinking that you have more clear sky time up there? I think the dark would not be as bad as day after day of clouds without sun or stars to brighten up the sky.

RD, I have been enjoying all the sunrise photos on your blog lately!

S4M, No, you are the tough ones. It's the heat of your summers that would do me in.

K, I had a quick look at your web site. When do you have a chance to see the sun? (Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to drop by!)