Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another Ski Day

Sunrise yesterday found us on the ski bus headed north. The sun was warmly rising over the city.

We have no snow left at home, but there were drifts across the trails at Highland Nordic near Duntroon, Ontario.

Sharp eyed Églantine saw these lichens growing on the side of a tree. I could not see them, at first, even when she pointed them out. She did the photography for these as I seemed to be semi blind from the bright snow.

Later, I did find these tracks in the snow that appealed to my sense of design. I am not sure what animal made the tracks. Églantine suggested a mouse. I was thinking of something larger like a chipmunk that had come out early. Any ideas?


Rachel said...

That snow is lovely, love the drifts! (since I haven't seen any of those in a long time in person!) Barely have seen any snow this year so far.

Love the tracks too. I have no idea what made them.

robin andrea said...

Such a beautiful sunrise. Love the snow too. Looks like you had a fine ski journey. How far did you travel to get to the snow?

Ontario Wanderer said...

R, We've seen very few drifts since December.

RD, We were on the bus for about 2 hours going north. I am not sure what the distance was.