Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sunrise - Sunset

Sunrise if my favourite time of day!

Having been an early riser all my life, I am up before the sun more days than not. During these early days of August, I am often up one to one and a half hours before the sun. It gives me time to think about different places to photograph the sunrise.

It's not unusual for sunsets to be as spectacular as the sunrises.

Moonset has been good this week too. Here is one more photo of the moon and Venus from earlier this week. (I've seen several similar shot from various places listed on spaceweather.com for today, Aug. 9.)


robin andrea said...

Those are spectacular photos. The color in the sky is so lovely in Ontario. Is that fog in the early morning? Are you close to water? We've had heavy fog these past two mornings-- comes in around 4:00 am and lingers until 10:00 or so.

Ontario Wanderer said...

RD, Thanks for the compliments on the photos. Yes, we have had ground fog on many mornings that disappears in an hour or so after sunrise. Our property is about 600 metres (1/3 mile) from where two creeks join together but ground fog is general in the area. (See the map on July 31. We live near where the map shows several creeks joining together just north and east of the city of Brantford. Lake Ontario is east and Lake Erie is south from us.)

swamp4me said...

I, too, am an early riser. There is definitely something special about listening to the birds and watching the sun come up.

KFarmer said...

great pictures- what a beautiful place you live at.