Friday, August 12, 2005

Fungus Among Us

Yesterday, while we were out identifying and photographing wild flowers, my partner, who has recently chosen the blog name Églantine, also photographed fungi. I am very pleased to post these wonderful photos. I wish I had taken them.


Crowe said...

Those are really great pics. I especially like the second one - so raggedy and interesting looking. I also photographed some fungi today and spent half the afternoon trying to identify the species. No luck yet (think I've narrowed it down to about 20 possibilities ...)

robin andrea said...

We get a lot of fungi up here on the peninsula. I don't partake, but DPR likes to eat wild mushrooms. We have a lot of reference materials. He does spore prints. Last year we found Shaggy Manes (coprinus comatus) growing on our land. DPR ate a lot of that. Do you edibles there in Ontario?
Great pics. Are you using Photoshop? How do you add your names to the photographs. I've been thinking about doing that. Do you manually add it on each one?

Ontario Wanderer said...

I've eaten two species of mushrooms but I am very careful even with those two.

Yes, Phototoshop is used and yes I add the names to each one individually. I usually pick a colour from the photo for the text, I have the names we use with the copyright sign on a text file on another program and just cut and paste to get it on the photo. Then I go to Layer: Layer Style: Blending options: and then reduce the opacity or add outer glow or play around some other way before doing the "flatten image" routine. There may be easier ways, but this is what I discovered on my own while playing with the program.