Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Ontario Wanderer and Églantine wandered to Toronto last week to visit a special friend of Églantine. She has known Kai Chan for several years and has had him come to Brantford schools to give art instructions to pupils on several occasions. Kai invited us into his home, fed us lunch, and allowed us to look at the many art pieces in his home and to look and photograph works, finished and unfinished, in his studio. Both Ontario Wanderer and Églantine have started artwork since retirement and were again inspired by Kai's work. Below are some examples of what hang on Kai's walls. Note the exclusive use of "found" and "recycled" materials and the fine, detailed handiwork of these sculptural pieces.

Above is a close up of a work that encloses a bottle.

In the above work and in the two below, Kai has started using pieces of broken bottles.

For more information about Kai and his work, look at the Bronfman Collection Virtual Gallery web site.


Crowe said...

His work is so interesting - so suggestive of nature, but somehow letting the viewer's imagination find its own forms in each piece. Very nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Dean. Thanks for the link.Evocative art of its origin.