Friday, August 19, 2005


I like photographing mushrooms.

One can just put the camera on the ground, shoot, and see the fungus in a way not easily possible with the eye.


Rurality said...

Nice! I wish shrooms weren't so hard to ID.

roger said...

the lower picture, with the sponge looking underside, is of a bolete. the lack of gills makes boletes very easy to id. my shroom books tell me that the only nasty bolete has a reddish tinge to the sponge, and even that one is not fatally poisonous. some boletes are quite tasty, some not so. they are fairly easy to distinguish between.

there are tasty, edible gilled mushroom that are also easy to id. i'm fortunate to have shaggy manes growing around our house.

Ontario Wanderer said...

R, What we need are more good guide books.

DPR, Thanks for the partial ID. I was fairly sure, but not positive, that the lower one was a bolete. I'm not ready to eat any yet.

We have Shaggy Manes growing in our area, but again I am not too sure I want to eat any. I stick to Giant Puffballs and Morels.