Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Fleur-Ange and I both took spider photos yesterday. I think they are both the same species even though the markings are not quite the same. I believe they are Black and Yellow Argiopes (Argiope aurantia).

OK, a closer look at the beautiful patterns.


Anonymous said...

Nice of them to hold still and let you photograph them. I've seen those in my backyard and at Roundrock. Sign of a healthy environment, I hope.

KFarmer said...

Are those also commonly called writing spiders? They make a distinct zigzag pattern in the webs.

Ontario Wanderer said...

P, Not only did it hold still but its back day after day for more. Some of the other spiders drop out of sight as soon as they see the camera.

K, I've not heard that name but it sounds like a good one. I, too, am fascinated by the zigzag pattern.

Anonymous said...

Very nice argiope pics. They're among my favorite spiders - I've watched and played with them since I was a kid.

The orb spiders are starting to appear down here now - massive roundish spiders that string their webs at night and then take them down in the morning. They'll stay around until it frosts for the first time.