Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More Mushrooms Etc.

My Wild Flower web site was updated this morning. Last week we found 163 wild flower species blooming.

The ground is damp and the air temperatures are dropping. It seems to be good weather for mushrooms. Below are three of the more colourful mushrooms that Eglantine and I have found during the last two days. We are saving one more for tomorrow that is not so colourful but is large. Of the three below, the middle one is a stinkhorn of some sort but I have no names for any of them. Just taking photos and processing them on the computer seems to be taking up way too much time and then the grass needs mowing, and....


Crowe said...

Those are all lovely. Fungus are fascinating and can be so beautiful, yet seem to be overlooked by so many people.

Ontario Wanderer said...

It seems to be a good time for fungus right now and yes, they are easy to miss at times. Eglantine took the last photo. I was within a metre of the mushroom and missed seeing it until she showed me on the camera.