Sunday, August 21, 2005

Moving Sun - August Version

Here is the third in the series of the moving sun. For the bottom section of the photo, I copied the sun from June and July and added the dates. Since I was playing with adding to photos, I also am posting another double image photo from last evening. I saw the sunset and wanted the Venus fountain in the photo too so I took the photo of the sunset and then added the Venus section of another photo with the following results.


robin andrea said...

I love your pictures of the sun and how you mark where it's been. I'm going to photographing the sunrise starting with the fall equinox. It's funny, I have a post up about the moon coming in the window and shining on our mirror, which we purposefully hung to catch the spring sun.
I don't have as much luck with Photoshop when I am trying to combine images. Did you use one of the lasso tools to select Venus and then add her to the sunset? I can do that pretty well, but I have a hard time combining two photos.

Anonymous said...

Aside from looking bashful, Venus looks a little long in the tooth. Perhaps because it is getting darker earlier?

swamp4me said...

I could have used these pictures in my earth science classes back in my school-teacher days. :)

Ontario Wanderer said...

I had this combination photo in mind when I took the cloud photo so I waited until nearly dark and then used the flash with my manual setting at several different exposure settings. I chose a photo with the fountain being very light and the background very dark so it was easy to use the Magic Wand Tool on Adobe Photoshop. I made a new layer on top of the cloud photo, pasted the Venus on the new layer and then played with position and brightness, with help and advice from Eglantine, until the photo was as I liked it then used the "Layer/Flatten image" tool to put it all together. Does that help or make things worse?

T, Yes, darkness is coming early. It won't be long until Venus moves to the barn for the winter.

Ah yes, the school-teacher days... I see we have that in common too. Perhaps our blogs are partly a result of not being finished teaching and sharing yet?

roger said...

the good side of photoshop. nice image.