Monday, August 29, 2005

Fungus from Sunday Afternoon

Here are some of the fungi that we photographed on our Sunday walk:

Sorry, I have no names even though some look familiar. Perhaps later I can go to my books and find names. For now just enjoy like we did.


Crowe said...

It must be Fungus Day today - I also took loads of fungus pics this morning.

I love looking at fungus pics (especially good ones, like yours)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! We were just lamenting the dry summer's effect on our lack of mushrooms so its nice to see someone is finding them.

roger said...

ditto on the great pix thing. not many mushrooms here in my part of wa state yet.

Lené Gary said...

It must be the season for mushrooms. I can't get over your puff balls. What kind of environments do you find them in?