Sunday, August 28, 2005

Good Photo Day

The day started well as I found this water drop sparkling on a Rue plant just after I walked out the door.

About ten minutes later, while walking our dog, I spotted the first Viceroy butterfly that I've seen on the property and it was sitting still in the early morning dew.

After I took several photos of the side of the Viceroy, it decided to open its wings.

Could the day get any better? Well, yes. On our afternoon walk, Églantine and I took over 150 photos of fungus and flowers. It will take time to sort them out so have a look here tomorrow.


Crowe said...

I love that drop of water.

It's good to see your butterflies. In the UK this year there's a terrifying dearth of butterflies. Usually our summers are a-flutter with them but not this year. A friend tells me it's because weird weather conditions messed up their winter hibernation and now the population has plummeted to an incredible degree. I desperately hope numbers recover. It's shocking to have seen so few over the summer.

robin andrea said...

Isn't it amazing how many photographs you can take during one walk? The digital camera just gives us incredible freedom to click away. If we had to process film, we would be much more restrained.
Beautiful photography. That butterfly is spectacular.

Ontario Wanderer said...

SGJ, Too bad about your lack of butterflies! The weather seems to be playing havoc with a lot of lives lately.

RD, Yes, amazing and I can never catch up with labels and then cannot find what I want.