Tuesday, September 03, 2013

In the Pink

I am a bit slow getting this photo up but better late than never, I hope. It is a Deptford Pink, Oeillet arméria in French or Dianthus armeria in Latin. It was growing in the Hendrie Valley wilderness area of the Royal Botanical Gardens. This part of the RBG is within the city limits of Burlington, Ontario. With the help of some others who came out on wild flower walks with Fleur-Ange and I, we found over 160 species of wild or naturalized flowers blooming in the last 10 days.

Below is a photo that I had on Facebook a few days ago. I took it off today to put up here as I am choosing to  put fewer photo there but still want to share some photos. This is a Crowned Slug Moth caterpillar that I found in our east pasture area.

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Anonymous said...

Both are beautiful photos. Such rich deep colors.