Monday, September 23, 2013

Brantford Waterworks 10 Kilometre Race

        Yesterday I finished the 4th 10 km race of this year with each being a bit faster than the one before. Today's time was 59:42 and was the first time I have been under 60 minutes since October of 1995. I am sure I missed recording a couple of races back in the 90's before I had the injury that kept me away from running for six years but still I am very pleased to be able to run at 70 and actually be doing better. I doubt that that will continue but am very pleased with my races this year. Hoping for a good half-marathon run in November. Thanks to all the people who have been supporting me and urging me on this past year!

Notes from Facebook:

Liz Cameron Your a great inspiration Dean, good going on today's race.

Cindy Robb Way to go Dean you are such an inspiration.

Spencefitness Brantford Congrats to you Dean! Well done!

Catherine Proulx Way to go Dean!!! Must've been that great massage you

Dean Gugler Yes, Catherine Proulx, your massages are a huge part in my running life. Thanks so 
much for all your work!!!

Pamela J Heller-Mulvaney Congrats Dean!!!!!

Wendy McIntosh Prowse Great job today!

David Galbraith Fantastic Dean! Well done. You're very inspiring.

Mortimer Hercules Awesome, Dean! Way to go, "Beardie"!

Jean Lefler very inspiring!

Krista DuChene  Setting personal bests at 70..Dean Gugler, you are an inspiration. Glad to see you drinking your Emend Eload after! See you back at the gym this week!

Dean Gugler How special is this? A hug from one of Canada's top athletes and one of the world's best marathoners. Thanks Krista DuChene, you made a special day even more special!


Anonymous said...

Great photo and truly inspiring run!

Jenn Jilks said...

Good for you. We visited the grandkids today. I need a nap!
Cheers from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

Pablo said...

Good work. I plan to be out there running when I'm 70. (And at your pace, too!)