Saturday, April 29, 2006


Here is another little art project that I did in Malta. I made a very small sculpture out of old plant material. I used my pocketknife to make holes in stems and put bits of other stems through the holes to make a new structure out of the old. Having done that, I photographed the little sculpture on paper that was dappled with sunlight through a nearby tree. Observe the result:

Near the old stem was a plant that I suspected was the living image of what the old stem had been a year before. I did a quick watercolour sketch and added ink to highlight the lines and then photographed the mini-sculpture on top of the new painting.

As a final project, I placed the mini-sculpture over a bit of rock that I had brought with me from Canada and placed both on the cover of a sketchbook which I photographed and then changed a few colours with photoshop. The end result is as follows:

I was rather pleased with my use of old plant stems. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love it
You have a gift with knowing how to "see"
I love the flow of the piece

robin andrea said...

I think you have a wonderful eye and incredible amounts of creativity. It's delight to see what you can conjure with just a few pieces of old plant material.

Anonymous said...

A rock you carried with you from Canada? All I can think of is the expression: "that nut didn't fall far from the tree".

Really, you carried a rock with you?

Ontario Wanderer said...

S, Thank you!

RD, Thank you very much!

KR, It really had nothing to do with the oak in the yard. The "rock from Canada" was a requirement of the art course. The course was called "Stone Enquiries" and everyone was to bring a favourite stone along. I could have taken one from Kansas but my favourite one from there was too big to carry in my hand as was my favourite from Australia, Kenya, etc. So it was not as you thought even though I understand why you thought that. Our instructor took a set of prints which were part lithographs (stone prints) along for her art show. It was because of her art prints using Canadian stone that we all ended up in Malta.

Endment said...

How delightfully creative!

Linda said...

What a gift to be able to see art in nature.

Tim Rice said...

I love these mini-sculptures. So eye-pleasing. Thanks for posting them.

Ontario Wanderer said...

E, LK, TR, Thanks!