Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Digital Art Process

Following is a bit of the process in making a digital piece of art. OK, I'm just learning so it's not great art but I am pleased with my beginnings.

Step one: I found a post that had been used to tie up a large boat. The post was old, rusty and beautiful on its own in my opinion.

Step two: One of my art exercises was to move something in the environment to make a change in my original photo. I noticed, behind me in the city, a steeple on a church. It occured to me that it might be interesting to move the steeple onto the post. The problem was the steeple was far away, heavy, and much bigger than the post. Digital camera to the rescue! I took a telephoto shot of the steeple.

Step three: Back at the hotel room with my computer and using Photoshop, I moved the steeple onto the post after shrinking it a bit.

Step four: Again using Photoshop, I took some of the rust colours from the post and put them around the steeple so that it was not so obvious that I had done a cut and paste.

Step five: I added words of various colours and shapes; however, I did not like the result, so I took them off again. I am not sure that the digital photo is finished yet, but I have stopped for now.

If anyone has suggestions....


Endment said...

I an just at the learning stages with Photoshop - thanks for the demonstration

robin andrea said...

I have no suggestions. You did a fine job getting that steeple on to the rusty post. I like how you covered the seam with the rust. It provides the continuity of the blended image.

Ontario Wanderer said...

E, I think I'll be at the learning stage with Photoshop for a few more years but, being a few months ahead of you, if you have questions, feel free to ask and perhaps we can learn together.

RD, Thanks for the positive critique!