Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunrise and Photo Art

Below is a photo of one of the first sunrises we saw from our hotel room.

The main object of our time in Malta was art. With that in mind, I shall show you two more sunrise photos. In both cases the sunrise is real and the grid is real but the sunrise was not taken through the grid or at the same time. The grids have been added to the sunrise photos to create a different image. In other words, the photos have been manipulated.

Any comments re the manipulations?


roger said...

nicely done!! i combined photos in the darkroom (in ancient times) by putting two negs in the enlarger, or by two exposures on the same paper. also by taking two exposures on the same frame in the camera. i don't miss the chemical smell, but otherwise the darkroom was fun.

robin andrea said...

Those are quite beautiful sunrises to begin with. That second sunrise is really breathtaking. Such amazing color. The photo manipulation adds a new dimension to the photograph that creates distance between the sunrise and the self.