Sunday, April 23, 2006

By the Sea

All of these photos were taken on the outside of the walls of Valetta, Malta. First is a shot of some steps that seem to lead to nowhere.

Looking into the water, one sees both the bottom and reflections from around the site.

Here is a photo of a puddle with a shell on the rock, under water, and the sun's reflection looking more like a star in space.

This last photo was really the first of the day. The hour was still early and the sun was not yet up.


robin andrea said...

Quite beautiful. I especially like the starry sun in water. Lovely. And a beautiful dark sunrise shot.

KaliPamp said...

hello ontario wanderer love to see the malta stuff up. the abstracts below are wonderful too. will check out flicka next.rika

Ontario Wanderer said...

RD, Thanks for the positive note. I put the starry sun up on Flickr for rating and it did very poorly.

R, Thanks! Does this mean that you are back from Italy?

Pam in Tucson said...

Well the starry one gets my vote. Chesley Bonestell, eat your heart out. I see a little white spaceship travelling toward a golden asteroid that's orbiting its star. I think its a really cool photo. I love the silhouette at sunrise.

Lené Gary said...

I especially like the last one, OW.