Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spring Wild Flowers

I told my blog friend at Rurality that I would post a photo of our Cypress Spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias). It is a plant that grows wild on our property and in the ditches by the road that goes by our house.

On our wild flower walk on Monday evening one of the participants commented that sometimes she saw only one Red Trillium in the spring but that she had seen four already on our walk. That started a bit of a count and by the end of the walk, we had see forty-four Red Trilliums (Trillium erectum).

Following are two more species that we saw last Monday evening:

Large-flowering Bellwort (Uvularia grandiflora)

Long-spurred Violet (Viola rostrata)


clairesgarden said...

very nice pictures

Pam in Tucson said...

Everyone in the northeast seems to be out enjoying spring and photographing wildflowers and I get the benefit. Love it! Red trilliums seem to be showing up on many blogs. I remember only white ones from our year in the Connecticut woods. The Cypress Spurge is most interesting. Beautiful photos.

Endment said...

More of the joy of spring in the east --- lovely!

Lené Gary said...

Great looking red trillium, OW.

Rachel said...

Oh, pretty pictures! Isn't nature wonderful?

robin andrea said...

Spring looks abundantly beautiful there. Great photos.

Ontario Wanderer said...

C, Thanks!

P in T, Red Trilliums are usually more rare. White Trilliums are like carpets in some areas.

E, Thank you!

L, They are always a treat.

R, Yes!

RD, What season isn't wonderful in some respect?

threecollie said...

My late mother in law had cyprus spurge growing along her driveway (which is now my driveway). She called it "pots of gold", which describes it quite well.
Wonderful photos. That is the reddest cardinal I have ever seen.