Thursday, May 18, 2006

Around the Yard

Rain, rain, rain. Between drops, this is what I found:

a dandelion in bloom,

an ant on a white trillium,

and a damp spiderweb.


Linda said...

Your pictures are incredible. Thanks for sharing.

Endment said...

Yep - the photos are incredile. Glad I don't have to pick just one!

Jimmy said...

Great Photos!

threecollie said...

I was kicking through the hefty crop of dandelions on the soggy lawn yesterday, thinking that if someone had the patience to take just the right picture, they would be lovely.
And today I find that you have done it. Wonderful!

Ontario Wanderer said...

LK, E, J, Thanks!

3C, I just saw a recipe for Dandelion syrup. I think I have to pick some Dandelions tomorrow.

Jim said...

There's something about spider-web photos with dew drops.

Just beautiful OW!