Sunday, May 21, 2006

How Does She Do It?

You may have asked yourself, "Self, how does Églantine take those wonderful close up photos?"

Here is the answer. Églantine gets down and crawls through the bushes on her belly like a snake. Fortunately, we have no poisonous snakes around to worry about.

Being down close to her subject, Églantine brings the camera in close and takes many, many photos. What you see here is usually one of anywhere from 20 to 120 attempts at a good photo. (And what do you do with your spare time?)


robin andrea said...

That's great. I love Eglantine's commitment. I don't climb around on the ground as much, but I do tweak my neck quite often trying to get shots of birds in trees or flying overhead.

Jimmy said...

Sometimes that is the best way to find those little tings of nature...I do the same.

Kari said...

Thank you for such wonderfully kind comments on my blog StumblingTowardsNormal. I really appreciate it. I'm enjoying your blog as well and find the photography truly inspiring!

Endment said...

A delightful series. Eglantine you are rewarded for your crawling

Ontario Wanderer said...

RA, It's a commitment that I don't have nearly as often but sometimes it's necessary even for me.

J, Nice to know that we are not alone down on the ground.

A, Your commitment to your task is wonderful. I am glad that you are enjoying our blog too.

E, Thanks!